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Adidas Gym Gloves

We carry a wide variety of adidas women's essential training gloves in half finger size medium. Our gloves provide greatqqafor keeping your hands free of dirt, sweat, and prints while you work.

Gym Gloves Adidas

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Adidas Gym Gloves Flipkart

The adidas gym gloves are a great way to protect yourself from the cold and keep your hands warm. The gloves have two fingers and a pointy end, which makes them great for performing tasks such as work the adidas gym gloves are the perfect way to protect your hands from the sun and weather conditions. With full finger performance, they provide great comfort and a good grip. The gloves also feature a heatmap skin technology that helps you to track your weight and fitness progress. These gloves have a black surface finish and are made of soft and durable gloves. They also have a silver highlight design that will look great on your gym setting. The gloves have two handsoption and are able to lift with ease. aerie exchange offers free shipping on orders over $75. All items are shipped from aerie's home in canada. The team at adidas gym gloves says they're made with a variety of materials that are environmentally friendly, including bamboo, wool, and woolite. The gloves have a lil' bit of leather on the inside for warmth, and are directions to size up if you're in the mood for a larger size.